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Shear Information

Shear Sharpening Information

Our shears feature unique convex blades which provide the smoothest possible cut and last much longer than beveled shears. However, convex blades are much more difficult to make and to re-sharpen and there are many poorly trained sharpening services

Shear Quick Start Guide & Acclimating to your Shear

WE’VE CREATED A SIMPLE GUIDE FOR YOU TO FOLLOW TO GET THE MOST OUT OF YOUR PURCHASE!. Learn how to adapt to the forward set thumb on your new Sam Villa Shears. Watch the video below to get started. Step 1: Register Your Shear. Please take a moment to

How do I maintain/care for my shears?

Is your shear feeling heavy or tight? Product buildup and other factors can cause this to happen. By simply oiling your shears on a regular basis you will notice how your shear responds!. • Oil your shear with a drop or two of clipper or shear oil, a

Selecting a Shear that is right for me

Many new stylists and even some experienced stylists are under the common misconception that the length of their shears should be determined by the size of their hand. In reality, this is not the case as there are many with larger hands who simply pr

What are the differences between the Blending Shears?

The Essential Series Reversible Blender is a much more forgiving shear having only 30 teeth. The younger brother of the Sam Villa® blenders is an excellent entry level blender but is also perfect when you simply do not want to get too aggressive with

What are the differences between the Essential Series and the Signature Series Shears?

You’ve probably heard about our shears but might be wondering, “What are the differences?” The type of metal used, the length of the blades, our tension adjustment systems and cost are just a few of the differences. Now, let’s get you up to speed so

What are the differences in your shear lines?

Sam Villa Artist Series Shears:. Designed for the discerning artist and hairdresser, Sam Villa Artist Series takes all the ergonomic benefits from the Sam Villa Signature Series and builds upon them with highly sculpted handles and contoured blades a

What does the shear warranty cover?

Sam Villa® warrants this shear to be free from defects in material or workmanship for the LIFE OF THE SHEAR, excluding damage and normal wear. Sam Villa® will replace any parts including washers, pivot screws, knobs and finger rings for the LIFE OF T

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