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What are the differences in your shear lines?Updated a year ago

Sam Villa Artist Series Shears:

Designed for the discerning artist and hairdresser, Sam Villa Artist Series takes all the ergonomic benefits from the Sam Villa Signature Series and builds upon them with highly sculpted handles and contoured blades allowing for incredible comfort, control, and flexibility.

6.25″ Shear:

• Sculpted Crane Handle: provides maximum comfort and control

• Flat Line Tension System: with internal ball bearings to perfectly stabilize the blades and resist blade wear

• Japanese Super Steel: a combination of cobalt, molybdenum alloy and carbon give these handcrafted convex blades the perfect hardness with a superior cutting edge

• Forward Set Thumb Position: places hand into a natural and neutral position, reducing repetitive strain injuries

• Fully Lined Polymer Pivots: wider polymer surface in the pivot areas extends the life of the shear by eliminating metal to metal contact

• Packaging: comes in an elegant presentation box that includes a protective leather sleeve and a complete Sam Villa shear care kit to protect and maintain the condition of your shear for lifetime use.

6″ Slide Cutting Shear: The Sam Villa Artist Series 6″ Slide Cutting Shear is designed to protect the integrity of hair when sliding blades down the hair strand. “Techniques like slicing, channel cutting, pinch and talk (also known as pinch and slide) and even point cutting take on a softer and smoother touch, because the shear is designed to allow hair to slip as it’s being cut, which creates a soft edge without compromising the integrity of the hair,” explains Andrew Carruthers, director of education for Sam Villa®. The key design element that makes this shear unique is the ergonomic handle with the signature Sam Villa® forward set thumb position, allowing for a wide variety of positions without putting stress on the wrist.

• Blade Material: Proprietary Japanese Molybdenum Alloy which has been Cryogenically Tempered.

• Forward Set Thumb: Puts hands in a natural, neutral position for reduced repetitive wrist and shoulder strain injuries.

• Blade Design: Curved design to facilitate sliding effortlessly through hair.

• Tension System: Adjustable Flat Tension System with ball bearings, which stabilize the blades for longer wear and better resharpening.

• Pivot Point: Wide Polymer Inlay eliminates metal-to-metal wear, extending the life of the shear indefinitely.

• Edge Design: Smooth Slide™ blade finish allows this shear to slide cut even dry hair without damaging the cuticle. Ideal for all motion cutting techniques.

• Handle Design: Sculpted handle for a wide variety of cutting positions while maintaining positive ergonomics.

Available Sizes (Only Available in Right-Handed)

• 6.25″

• 6″ Slide Cutting

Sam Villa Signature Series Shears:

All Sam Villa Signature Series Shears are made of 100% Japanese molybdenum alloy, which has been compression-forged for strength and durability.

• Designed by Sam Villa for professional stylists

• Hand honed from 100% Japanese Molybdenum Alloy for strength and durability

• Handcrafted convex blades start out sharper and hold their edge longer vs. machine beveled blades

• Crane handle design keeps your elbow in a downward position vs. opposing grip shears that force the elbow into a raised and stressful position

• Unique leaf spring tension system expands tension across the length of the blades instead of only at the pivot

• Polymer lining in the pivot point eliminates metal on metal grinding

• Can be used on wet or dry hair

Available Sizes (Right-Handed & True Left-Handed Models):

• 5.5″ Swivel

• 5.75″ Wet Cutting

• 6″ Swivel

• 6.25″ Wet Cutting

• 7″ Dry Cutting

• 7″ Dry Cutting Swivel

• InvisiBlend

• Reversible Blender

Sam Villa Streamline Series Shears:

The Streamline Series is designed for hairdressers looking for a slimmer, more sculpted, and lighter weight shear that maintains the ergonomic benefits found in all Sam Villa® shears. With highly contoured handles and blades the Streamline Shear provides incredible comfort, control, and flexibility.

• Slim Design: Reduced size and weight throughout the shear provides all day comfort and a tailored fit even in smaller hands.

• Highly Sculpted Finger/Thumb Holes: Allow for a wide variety of cutting positions without wrist strain.

• Crane Handle: Designed for ergonomic comfort and precision control. Keeps elbow in a downward position versus an opposing grip shear that forces the elbow into a raised, stressful position.

• Forward Set Thumb: Puts the hand in a natural, neutral position for reduced repetitive use injuries to the thumb, hands, and wrist. 

• Handcrafted Convex Blades: Starts out sharper and holds an edge longer versus typical machine-beveled blades.

• 100% Japanese Molybdenum Alloy: Compression-forged for strength and durability.

• Flat-Line Tension System: Click stop adjuster for precise tension and sealed ball bearings for even tension from pivot to tip.

• Polymer Lining in Pivot Point: Eliminates any metal-on-metal grinding extending the life of the shear.

Available Sizes (Right-Handed & True Left-Handed Models):

• 5.5″

• 6.25″

• 6.75″

Sam Villa Essential Series Shears:

The Essential Series Shear is a high-quality Japanese alloy hair cutting shear designed for ergonomic comfort and precision control. These shears allow you to cut with your elbow in a downward position, reducing stress on your hand, wrist and body.

• The 5.5″ Essential Series Shears feature the same ergonomic advantages of the Signature Series Shears

• Neutral hand/thumb position for a relaxed cut

• Angled handle allows for an elbow down posture in most cutting positions

• Constructed from 440C steel – the highest grade of stainless alloy

• Cryogenically tempered steel improves the durability of the edge by up to 40%

• Click set streamline tension system provides consistent tension throughout the life of the shear

• Convex blades provide the smoothest, longest lasting cut available – these types of blades are the same as our Signature Series Shears.

Available Sizes (Right-Handed & True Left-Handed models):

• 5.5″

• 6″

• Reversible Blender


Sam Villa® warrants this shear to be free from defects in material or workmanship for the life of the shear (excluding damage and normal wear).

Please take a look at these video clips on YouTube to learn more about our shears from Sam Villa himself and our Director of Education, Andrew Carruthers:

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