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What does the shear warranty cover?Updated 4 months ago

Sam Villa® warrants this shear to be free from defects in material or workmanship for the LIFE OF THE SHEAR, excluding damage and normal wear. 

Sam Villa® will replace any parts including washers, pivot screws, knobs and finger rings for the LIFE OF THE SHEAR, should they fail under normal use. Parts will automatically be replaced at the time of service, if needed. It is not necessary to send shears for replacement parts only. 

The lifetime warranty does not include shear servicing fees. We are partnered with Precision Edge for all of our Sam Villa® shear servicing. To review our servicing fees, please visit the Shear Sharpening article for more information.

Please note that all Sam Villa® shears lifetime warranty against manufactured defects is only valid if Sam Villa® shears are serviced by Precision Edge. Having another company service your Sam Villa® shear voids the warranty.  

For shear replacement parts, or repair, please contact our shear service partner Precision Edge at: 800-729-3343   

Important: Always save your purchase receipt. It serves as your warranty/proof of purchase.  

Warranty Exclusions: The Foregoing is in lieu of all other warranties, including the implied warranty of fitness, and shall not extend to shears that have been abused beyond the demands of ordinary use or that have been serviced by another company. Sam Villa® shall not be liable for consequential damages or damages by reason of use of this shear for other than its intended purpose. Sam Villa® damages shall be limited to the purchase price of the shears. 

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