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How do I maintain/care for my shears?Updated a year ago

Is your shear feeling heavy or tight? Product buildup and other factors can cause this to happen. By simply oiling your shears on a regular basis you will notice how your shear responds!

• Oil your shear with a drop or two of clipper or shear oil, at least once per week. 

• Put the oil in the pivot area of the shear and then wipe it down the blades to clean them off.

Watch this short video about oiling your Sam Villa shears:

Routine maintenance can greatly prolong the cutting life of your shears and will keep them performing at their peak for a lifetime.

• After each haircut, clean off any excess hair from your shear. 

• Daily, add a few drops of oil to the inner pivot area and then open and close the shear several times. This will help clean excess debris from the pivot area, then carefully wipe away the excess oil and debris.

How do I adjust the tension on my shear? 

• To check the tension adjustment, lift the thumb handle of the shear while holding the finger side with your left hand. Let go of the thumb and it should stay up. If it starts to close at all, turn the tension knob or screw to the right (clockwise) one or two clicks. Then try again. Keep tightening until you find the amount of tension that will keep the blades open when you lift the thumb handle.

• Our Blending Shears require the enclosed shear key to adjust the tension, 1 or 2 clicks clockwise to tighten, counterclockwise to loosen.

When a shear bends the hair over or catches hair, it is usually because the tension system is too loose, allowing the blades to spread apart and causing the hair to fold instead of being cut. If this is the case, you can adjust the tension and the problem will be solved. It is not uncommon for a brand-new shear to need an adjustment after the components seat themselves during the first few haircuts.  

Here is also a link to a video of Andrew Carruthers showing how to adjust tension on a shear:

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