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What are the differences between the Blending Shears?Updated a year ago

The Essential Series Reversible Blender is a much more forgiving shear having only 30 teeth. The younger brother of the Sam Villa® blenders is an excellent entry level blender but is also perfect when you simply do not want to get too aggressive with weight extraction.

The Signature Series Reversible Blending Shear has 42 radial (curved) teeth for removing bulk from a wider section of hair without leaving hard lines. At the top of each tooth, you will find V-shaped grooves that enable the shear to capture larger amounts of hair to be cut, making for a quite aggressive blender. You can also blast through a relatively large section of hair with this shear. This shear is a favorite for working with men’s haircuts, especially scissor over comb work.

The InvisiBlend is anything other than a traditional blender. Its over-polished blunt blade forces the hair over the 23 sharp convex teeth in such a way that no two hairs are cut the same length. This makes for an extremely light removal of weight with no visible lines. The InvisiBlend removes the least amount of hair, compared to our other blending shears. Now you can actually remove bulk and hold onto most of your length in a section! And it is great for point cutting as well.

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