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Online Order Questions

Credit Card: AVS Mismatch

Please know that due to our fraud prevention, the Billing address must match the Billing address on your credit card exactly, or you will receive this error. For International orders, the Billing and Shipping Addresses must be the same. Also, the Bil

Out of Stock Items

We strive to keep all items in stock for quick delivery!. Items that are listed as Out of Stock are unable to be ordered. If you would like to receive a timeframe / ETA on when the item will return to stock, please send [email protected] an email req

Troubleshooting – Cannot log in

If you are attempting to log in on your phone, try logging in on a PC or laptop. If you are attempting to log in on a PC or laptop, sometimes a simple reboot or clearing your cookies will solve the challenge. Try resetting your password:. https://www

Troubleshooting – Cannot place an order

If you are experiencing difficulties with placing your order, please follow the steps below. • Log into your account (if you do not have an account with us, you will need to create one here). • Once you are logged in, click My Account. •

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