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Cleaning & Sanitizing

Sam Villa® Dry Sectioning Clips: Care Instructions

1)Remove any hair from the clip.2) Dip a small brush or rag in a state board “recognized” EPA approved disinfectant (such as Barbicide®).3) Wipe down the clip with the small brush or rag.4) Rinse the clip with cool water.5) Pat dry and then let air d

Sam Villa® Brushes: Care Instructions

BAMBOO BRUSH CLEANING TIPS:1) Use a brush cleaner designed with hard, wide-spaced, teeth on one end and longer bristles or wire on the other end. Try the Sam Villa Brush Cleaner available on Utilize the wide toothed end of the cle

Sam Villa® Blow Dryer: Care Instructions

To clean and maintain your blow dryer, the filter easily unlocks for effortless cleaning! Cleaning your filter is an important factor in keeping your dryer in optimum working condition as build up of debris and hair can cause any dryer to overheat, s

Sam Villa® Reversible Cape: Cleaning & Care Instructions

The Reversible Cape must be washed and dried properly to retain the bleach resistant, water resistant/waterproof properties and imprint graphics. If washed and cared for properly, the Reversible Cape will last longer and perform as intended. For best

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