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Our shears feature unique convex blades which provide the smoothest possible cut and last much longer than beveled shears. However, convex blades are much more difficult to make and to re-sharpen and there are many poorly trained sharpening services that may damage these blades/alter the performance of your Sam Villa® shear. Using the Sam Villa® recommended service center, Precision Edge, is the only way to protect your shear and to keep your lifetime shear warranty (as having another sharpening service sharpen your shears will void your warranty).  

If you live in and purchased your shears in the UNITED STATES:

You will need to call Precision Edge prior to shipping (THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT): 800-729-3343 9am-5pm PST.

Precision Edge will ask you some questions about your shear to make some notes on what to expect when they receive them and will discuss payment for shear service.

Sharpening Service Fees are as follows (the lifetime warranty does not include sharpening/service fees):

FIRST YEAR $20.00 (receipt required)

If the attached shipping label is utilized or if you utilize the shipping label that came with your shear: $10.00.

TOTAL: $30.00

AFTER 1 YEAR $40.00

If the attached shipping label is utilized or if you utilize the shipping label that came with your shear: $10.00.

TOTAL: $50.00

If you choose to send the shear(s) on your own/without the label after speaking to Precision Edge, be sure to obtain insurance and tracking in case of loss or damage during shipping and keep the tracking in a safe place. Note: If you send more than 1 shear, shipping may be slightly higher, please discuss during your call.

If you no longer have your return service label that was included with your shear, please scroll down below to see the attached label.

The following are Sam Villa® approved Shear Service Centers worldwide:


Precision Edge

130 East 4th Street

Pittsburg, CA 94565



Platinum Mobile Sharpening

175 Panorama Hills Close

Calgary, AB T3K 5J4 Canada



Precision Edge – Europe

Contact: Mirjam Van Oord

Meelstraat 11

NL-4301 EA Zierikzee


Tel: +31 681 922 256


Edge Revival Sharpening Service

76 Northland Road Northland Wellington New Zealand 6012

0274 525 220


Design Professionel

Sintrupvej 25 B

Brabrand 8220 Denmark


For all shear parts, please reach out to Precision Edge 


Business Hours: 8:30am-5:00pm PST  

Please be sure to have the model number of your Sam Villa shear handy – the model number can be found on all Sam Villa shears on the opposite side of the tension knob/screw.  

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