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What are the different blow dryer nozzles for?Updated 6 months ago

If you are serious about your finishing, you should understand the advantages of using a nozzle: 

Wide Nozzles 

Essential for drying long, thick hair 

The wider length expands the airflow and dries more hair faster 

Narrow Nozzles 

Essential for drying fringes and frizzy, wavy and curly hair 

Concentrated airflow produces faster airflow resulting in a more polished finish 

Directing the airflow from the dryer with an attached nozzle from scalp to ends on a lower speed with a higher temperature will actually dry the hair faster without blowing the hair all over-exposing the cuticle. End result is shiny hair with less frizz.  

Don’t suffocate the dryer by making direct contact with the nozzle and the brush. Keep the nozzle at least ½-1 inch away from the brush so you don’t a) melt the bristles on your brush and b) damage the motor on your hair dryer causing it to overheat.  

For more tips on why and how you should use a concentrator nozzle when blow drying hair, check out these video clips:

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