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Shear Quick Start Guide & Acclimating to your ShearUpdated 10 months ago


Learn how to adapt to the forward set thumb on your new Sam Villa Shears. Watch the video below to get started.

Step 1: Register Your Shear

Please take a moment to register your shears by clicking the link below. Registering your shears will allow for expedited warranty service and will safeguard your investment.

Step 2: Your Shear Warranty

Your Sam Villa® shear comes with a lifetime warranty that covers you from defects in material or workmanship, excluding damage and normal wear. This lifetime warranty is only valid if your Sam Villa® shears are serviced by our sharpening service partner, Precision Edge. The lifetime warranty does not include shear sharpening and/or servicing fees. Please contact our shear service partner Precision Edge at: 800-729-3343

We will replace any parts including washers, pivot screws, knobs and finger rings for the life of the shear, should they fail under normal use. Parts will automatically be replaced at the time of service, if needed. It is not necessary to send shears for replacement parts only. For shear replacement parts, please contact our shear service partner Precision Edge at: 800-729-3343 

Step 3: Adjusting Tension & Cleaning Your Shears

We encourage you to check and adjust the tension of your shear before using it for the first time. We do set the tension prior to packaging, but occasionally tension may loosen or tighten, so it’s best to check. 

The proper way to adjust tension is to start by oiling them and then wiping off the blades so they are clean and dry. Watch the video below to learn the best way to clean and oil your shears.

To adjust your tension, hold your shears vertically with the tip pointing up then lift the thumb handle of the shear while holding the finger side with your other hand and let go of the thumb. The blade should stay open at about a 45-degree angle. If it tries to close, then turn the tension knob or screw to the right (clockwise) one or two clicks to tighten the tension. Repeat the same steps listed above and continue tightening or loosening the tension until the blades stay open around 45 degrees.

Once you have adjusted your shears, try point cutting on your next client and see if you can tell a difference.

For a visual reference please watch the video below of Sam Villa® Education Director Andrew Carruthers demonstrating how to clean, oil and adjust the tension on your shear:

If you believe you are experiencing tension adjustment issues, please contact our shear servicing partner Precision Edge at 800-729-3343

If you have some doubts after watching the video, check out this blog post about “Shear Maintenance – How to Oil And Care For Your Shears”

Step 4: Learn How to Hold Your Shears to Eliminate Hand, Wrist & Shoulder Pain

One of the biggest complaints from hairdressers is that their wrist, elbow and shoulder hurt at the end of the day. This is largely because of how the shears are held and used throughout the day

If you purchased a shear with our ergonomic forward set thumb handle, watch the video below to learn a few scissor control tips to prevent pain and to get your body into a natural and comfortable cutting position.

If you purchased swivel shears, watch the video below for scissor control & ergonomic cutting tips.

If you purchased a blending shear, watch the video below for scissor control & ergonomic cutting tips.

Step 5: Follow Sam Villa Hair Tutorials on YouTube

We created a playlist of cutting techniques to inspire and motivate you as you begin to use your new Sam Villa Shears. If you aren’t already, be sure to subscribe to our YouTube Channel as we release new cutting and styling tutorials every week. Turn on your alerts to get notified anytime we release a new video.

Step 6: Review Your Shears

In the coming days you will receive an email asking for you to leave a review. We would appreciate your willingness to leave a review to help others like you make an informed decision before making a purchase for new Sam Villa® shears.

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