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Sam Villa® Reversible Cape: Cleaning & Care InstructionsUpdated 6 months ago

The Reversible Cape must be washed and dried properly to retain the bleach resistant, water resistant/waterproof properties and imprint graphics. If washed and cared for properly, the Reversible Cape will last longer and perform as intended. 

For best results, do not machine dry on heat setting. The high heat of a dryer can compromise or melt the water resistant/waterproof treated material as well as destroy the printed logo. The Reversible Cape is designed to wash quickly on gentle wash, and dry very quickly by just hanging to dry, or if you prefer you can dry on a low/cool dry machine setting. There is no need to wash on long cycle. Washing on gentle will extend the life of the garment.

For Best Results: 

• Wash in Cool or Warm Water/Gentle Cycle or Hand Wash Cycle

• Hang to Drip Dry or Cool Dry in Dryer

• DO NOT Machine Dry on HEAT Setting (this can compromise/melt the material or logo)

• Do not Iron and Do Not Bleach

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