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Sam Villa® Repair Service Center (Blow Dryers Only)Updated 2 months ago

If your Sam Villa® blow dryer is outside the 1-year warranty period or you do not have a receipt / proof of purchase , it may be repaired at a cost of $48.00 (this price includes all necessary parts, cleaning and return shipping). Note: The Sam Villa® Vision Blow Dryer (Model #: 50030) cannot be repaired at this time.

Please send your blow dryer (do not send in your attachments) to the repair center address below, along with a check or money order in the amount of $48.00 payable to: BioThunder Consulting LLC. Be sure to include your return address information, phone number and email address.

Most repairs are completed and return shipped within 2-3 business days after receipt.

Sam Villa® Service Center

357 Mill Road

Staten Island, NY 10306

[email protected]

Replacement parts (nozzles and filters for each model) and diffusers are available for purchase at

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