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Sam Villa Blow Dryers – Differences and SpecificationsUpdated 6 months ago

Sam Villa Blow Dryers – Differences and Specifications 

The Artist Series Blow Dryer has an AC motor which makes it slightly heavier (about 3 oz more than the Professional Light Ionic Blow Dryer), but provides more airflow and higher heat. It is actively ionic which means you can control the negative ions with an on/off switch (on for shine and a smooth cuticle and off for volume).  

The Professional Light Ionic Blow Dryer has a turbo-compressor DC motor which makes it really lightweight (under one pound) and gives it a lot of rotating airflow (as opposed to straight-line airflow) to dry the hair faster. It is passively ionic which means it is ionic all of the time.  

The Vision Blow Dryer has a 1800w Brushless DC motor which will last 5x longer than traditional motors as they do not generate friction. It also includes a Push Lock Cold Shot button to lock-in shine without the extra effort. 

The Essential Series Blow Dryer has a professional 1750w AC motor for a quick, powerful dry. It includes front switches which are suitable for any grip. This is a great option for at-home styling and traveling. 

To break it down, if you are looking for an extremely powerful dryer that gets really hot and you want to be able to control the ions, go with the Artist Series Blow Dryer. If you are looking for a lightweight quiet dryer that still has a ton of power and heat, go with the Professional Light Ionic Blow Dryer. If you are looking for a powerful, yet ideal blow dryer for traveling / at-home use (with professional results), go with the Essential Series Blow Dryer. If you are searching for a blow dryer with a powerful brushless motor which uses 75% less energy, go with the Vision Blow Dryer

Also, here’s a little breakdown of the specifications for each blow dryer: 

Artist Series Professional Blow Dryer 

Watts: 1750w 

Noise Decibel: 72 

Weight: 1.09 lbs. 

Professional Light Ionic Blow Dryer 

Watts: 1750w 

Noise Decibel: 70 

Weight: 0.94 lbs. 

Vision Blow Dryer 

Watts: 1800w 

Noise Decibel: 71 

Weight: 1 lb. 

Essential Series Blow Dryer 

Watts: 1750w 

Noise Decibel: 70 

Weight: 1.10 lbs. 

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