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How do I locate by Serial Number?Updated 6 months ago

Note: Electric items are the only items that have a serial number. If you are completing a Return Authorization or Tool Registration, please use the model number in place of a serial number in the serial number form field. The model number is a 5-digit number that is located on the product itself (for shears, it is located on the opposite side of the tension adjustment knob/screw). 

Blow Dryers: 

• 6-digit code (the model number follows the serial number) on the inner handle of the blow dryer (see attached image) 

• On a white sticker on the bottom of the box / packaging 

Flat Irons & Texturizing Irons:  

• 6-digit code on the inner side label below the plates (see attached image) 

Double-Waver & 3-in-1 Blow Dry Hot Brush: 

• 4-digit code on the electoral plug (see attached image) 

• On a white sticker of the box / packaging (on the back top-left side)  

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